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Ignition Arts Review 1.2

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Welcome to the second issue of IA review from Ignition Arts! Our headline image features Soft Civic, a temporary installation by Miller Prize recipient Bryony Roberts, created for Exhibit Columbus 2019. The piece was inherently social, transforming the space into one for gathering, performing, and playing. See more of Bryony's work here.

Walter Hood Design Studio Three Trees for the 2019 Chicago Architecture Biennial

Image: Hadley Fruits, Bryony Robert's Soft Civic

Ignition Arts is an Indianapolis based design, technology, and fabrication firm owned by Brian McCutcheon. We provide design development, fabrication, logistics, and installation for artists, designers, and architects from around the world.



Grid Apartments, Indianapolis, IN

Ignition Arts is excited to be working with Jackie Head to develop, fabricate, and install her radiant facade artwork for the new Milhaus Grid Apartments parking garage in Indianapolis. Head's artworks are part low-relief mural, part installation, and part mosaic - each installation is made of hundreds of precisely arranged slip-cast porcelain tile. The parking garage facade is Head's largest public project to date, and represents a truly innovative and unique approach to facade artwork design. Check out more of

Jackie's work at

Ignition Arts uses the touch probe component of the CNC router to scan in data from plaster forms created by Jackie Head. This data is used to develop renderings of each shape. Each plaster component begins as a hand-sculpted clay form.

Jackie cast plaster negatives and then positives from each clay form, and further shaped and sanded the components by hand before sending to Ignition Arts for form development, rendering, and mold-making. Molds are milled on the CNC machine. The final components will be cast in ISO resin, a polyester resin that is durable and lightweight. This project embodies a lot of what we’re passionate about at Ignition Arts -- developing innovative solutions that enable artists in every craft and discipline to realize their visions at a large and permanent scale. We are looking forward to having Jackie’s fantastic work grace the downtown of our city of Indianapolis.



The making of Hood Design Studio's Three Trees: Jackson, Obama, Washington

This 8 minute mini-documentary by 12 Stars Media is worth a watch if you have moment. Featuring Brian Presnell, owner of Indy Urban Hardwood, the short film documents the process of collaboration between Hood Design Studio, Indy Urban Hardwood, and Ignition Arts to fabricate and install Three Trees for the 2019 Chicago Architecture Biennial.



Ignition Arts

Central State Campus, Indianapolis, IN

Our office is evolving into an archive of completed project imagery, prototypes, and sculptural models. One more reason to stop by our beautiful workspace the next time you're in the area! Several of the models are the works of Ignition Arts owner and artist Brian McCutcheon. Brian has over 20 years experience creating public art, sculpture, and photography. Check out more here.


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