We produce temporary installations, custom furniture, architectural elements, and monumental sculpture. Whether you are a world class museum, a general contractor, or an independent artist, Ignition Arts has the facilities and experience to take on your special project needs.



We offer design assistance using the latest in digital design technology. Working primarily in (but not limited to) Rhino and AutoCAD, IA offers design services from concept development, to engineering, to shop drawing production. Whether you have a complex idea in need of computational design, or need to troubleshoot existing design problems, Ignition Arts is ready to assist. We are experts in realizing complex, computationally designed ideas, and preparing them for real world fabrication.


From initial budgeting, to project close out, Ignition Arts is highly qualified in all aspects of project management. Our centralized home base allows us to work nationwide, and we are comfortable coordinating communications and project needs with the artist/designer, arts agencies, general contractors, city planning departments, developers, sub-contractors, and anyone else who might be involved in the project.


Ignition Arts utilizes both computer aided and traditional fabrication methods. Our studio boasts a full metal fabrication shop, including a 60 ton CNC press brake. We have experience utilizing steel, stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, brass, and titanium. Ignition Arts fabricators can TIG, MIG, arc, and gas weld, and are certified structural steel welders. We have a comprehensive wood shop that features a 5 ft x 10 ft CNC router. We offer an array of industrial finishes. Our automotive paint booth features a Matthews urethane mixing station, and we provide Pantone color matching services. Our Indianapolis location is ideal for access to all manner of materials and fabrication techniques - Indianapolis is a city with a rich history of manufacturing and construction industries. If we don't have the necessary material or technology in house, we have partners that do.

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No matter the scale, Ignition Arts has the trucks, equipment, and staff to complete your project. Whether we are providing art handling services in a museum setting, or installing a nine story parking garage screen wall, you can feel confident in our transport and installation capabilities. Our team has equipment and safety certifications, and we have successfully installed work on FAA construction sites, as well as in rigorously monitored commercial/industrial corporation sites. In addition to being exceedingly competent, our team also values professionalism and respectful communication. We understand that installation is a stressful phase of any project, and strive to make the experience as smooth and seamless as possible, so that you are feeling nothing but pride in your completed work at project close out.


Ignition Arts partners with artists who are emerging in the United States public art and design sector. We would like to see as much creative variety as possible in the public environment. Unfortunately, crossing certain thresholds of budget and scale can be an insurmountable challenge to many emerging artists. To offset these challenges, Ignition Arts offers the opportunity to submit collaborative applications to RFQs. Your creative philosophy and portfolio of images lead the application, and Ignition Arts backs up your vision with its impressive resume of successfully completed big budget projects. Ignition Arts as fabrication support bolsters your RFQ applications, demonstrating to selection committees that you are fully prepared to take on a large scale, big budget commission.

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For quotes, collaborations, consults, troubleshooting, and more, contact us: info@ignitionarts.com

Images: Ignition Arts, Michael Hoefle