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Hood Design Studio
Temporary atrium installation.
Chicago Cultural Center Atrium
Chicago, Illinois, USA
2019 Chicago Architecture Biennial
Reclaimed hardwoods, paint.
25 ft x 4 ft x 4 ft each
Installed 2019

Three Trees: Jackson, Obama, Washington was created by Walter J. Hood, creative director and founder of Hood Design Studios. The artwork is installed at the Chicago Cultural Center for the 2019 Chicago Architecture Biennial. It responds to tensions surrounding the plans to build the Obama Presidential Library on public land in Jackson Park on the South Side of Chicago. Hood relocated trees from the South Side to the Chicago Cultural Center to create a piece that engages with ideas such as the presence of memory in landscape, and responds to debates regarding public and private ownership and land use.

IA Scope:
Project Management
Design Development

Indy Urban Hardwood
Images - Kendall McCaugherty, Cory Dewald
Video - 12 Stars Media

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