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Mary Miss
Ecology education installation.
Indianapolis Museum of Art
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
Center for Urban Ecology at Butler University
Stainless steel, aluminum, paint, laser printing.
Installed 2015

StreamLines is an arts and science learning project installed in five communities located along major tributaries to the White River in Indianapolis, Indiana. The installation was created by Mary Miss (City As Living Laboratory) with the goal of engaging Indianapolis communities in a playful exploration of their city's waterways. Five installations located in five communities along tributaries of the White River invite viewers to step into the artwork, explore their physical surroundings, and reflect on the role of water and waterways in their daily lives. Each site contained signposts providing text and imagery, including poetry, scientific and historical facts, jokes, prompts, and more. Viewers can further learn and engage with the project through an app and website that serves as an archive of associated programming.The project included public programs such as original music performance, choreographed dance, and poetry readings, all of which served to reach out to residents and encourage engagement with the themes of the project and foster community connections.

IA Scope:
Project Management
Design Development
Paint Finish

Engineering - CMID
Matrix Imaging
Images - Michael Hoefle

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