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Ratio Architects
Rudolph Schwarz (original artist)
Relief sculpture restoration.
Southside Turnverein
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
Point Comfort Underwriters
Polyester resin, fiberglass, stainless steel, hardware.
18 ft x 13 ft x 4 ft
Installed 2019

Designed by Bernard Vonnegut Sr, the Indianapolis Southside Turnverein building was listed as one of Indiana's most endangered architectural works. The building was purchased by Betsy Brougher and William Atkins, owners of Point Comfort Underwriters for use as their business headquarters. They successfully advocated to have the building placed on the National Historic Register. A crucial component of the building's rehabilitation was a complete restoration of the Rudolph Schwarz relief on the building facade. After inspection it was determined that the sculpture could not be saved. Ignition Arts was given permission from the National Parks to create a replica of the sculpture, working from the remains of the relief and just a few photographs of the original facade. Ignition Arts worked with preservationists from Ratio Architects to recreate the work in clay and cast in fiberglass and resin composite with a stainless steel frame.

IA Scope:
Project Management

Engineering - CMID Inc.
Fiberglass - Fiberglass & Plastic Fab Inc.
Images - Allan Goebles

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