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Brian McCutcheon
Interactive sculpture series.
Rotating locations.
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
Visit Indy
Steel, aluminum, paint.
8 ft x 8 ft x 4 ft
Ongoing project

NDY is a series of sculptures commissioned by Visit Indy for their summer of 2015 social media marketing campaign. The sculptures were set in "postcard" vistas on or near the Indianapolis Cultural Trail, and have since been moved throughout the city. The goal of the project was to encourage residents to boast about their city on social media platforms. People become the "I" in Indy, and share their images and feelings about Indianapolis. The campaign was so successful that the program continues today across the city of Indianapolis.

IA Scope:
Project management
Design Development
Site Management
Ongoing maintenance & logistics

Consulting - Art Strategies LLC
Engineering - CMID Inc.

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