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Sopheah Pich
Bronze sculpture.
The Donum Estate
Sonoma, California, USA
Private Client
Hand forged bronze.
7 ft x 15 ft x 20 ft
Installed 2017

Morning Glory, an edition of which is also in the collection of the Guggenheim in New York, is the monumental representation of a weedy plant that grows all over Cambodia. The flower-shaped plant has particularly poignant connotations: it was widely consumed during Khmer Rouge rule, when the population suffered from famine and starvation and had nothing else to eat. Pich's signature medium is bamboo and rattan which he uses as line to make a drawing in space. For the sculpture park at Donum Estate, bronze was forged to mimic the material characteristics and form of bamboo.

IA Scope:
Project Management
Design Development
Bronze Fabrication
Site Coordination

Images - Michael Hoefle, Tyler Rollins Fine Art

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